It’s been said time and time again “Attitude is everything”- well it is true.  Our thoughts affect our actions and definitely invite positive or negative reactions. Our actions reveals our choices and our choices reveal where we really live in our hearts. Therefore we need to deal with the root of our heart condition in order to implement positive change and get the results we want in every area of our lives.


Do youATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT! get tired of life as others do? Are you tired of crawling over the edges of circumstances, or resigning yourself to the thought “well that’s just the way things are.” But can tell you that it’s ALL IN THE CHOICES WE MAKE. We are a sum total of our attitudes and decisions. Can’t blame someone else for where you are.

We are going to look in the mirror together. Take off all the makeup and get real about where we can get and where we actually want to go. Our own hearts can scare us when they scream out what’s really important to them because intellectually we’d like to think better of ourselves than what our hearts reveal in some instances.

Your attitude reflects who you really are. And who you are is who you will be until you decide to do the internal work to change your external world and circumstances. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

The prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not near the beginning and it is not given to me to know how many steps are necessary in order to reach your goal. Failure may still encounter at the thousandth step, yet success hides behind the next bend in the road. You will never know how close it lies unless you turn the corner. Take another step and if that is of no avail take another and yet another. In truth, one step at a time is not too difficult.

What We Are About

MichExpress Foundation, a non governmental organisation that believes in making impacts in the lives of people within our immediate surroundings and the world at large has embarked on some successive projects since its commencement in April 2016.

The first of such project was a visit to the Potters Village Shelter home in Dodowa Accra. The home has a population of over 130 children who have been abused my family, neglected by mothers and even called many dreams. The orphanage home since its existence has received diverse supports from other NGOs but MichExpress Foundation presented the home with educational materials which is one of the foundation’s core value.

Though it was the first of such projects by the foundation, members of the team were hopeful that all efforts to put a smile on the face of the children of the  Potters Village will be a reality. The team took along clothing, bags and boxes of water, food items such as rice, oil, cartons of tomatoe paste, detergents, diapers, stationaries just to mention a few to a tune of 5000 ghana cedis.

The team was welcomed by the vice president of the home who showed gratitude to the foundation for the assistance  and appealed for more to make the home a better place for the children.

The team shared fun time with the children and words of encouragement. It is MichExpress Foundation’s heartbeat to have a long lasting  relationship with the children of the Potters Village Shelter home. We wish to improve in the areas of education, health and access to clean portable water.

We therefore appeal to all donors to support put  laughter and bring  hope to these children. Donate today to support a child for a better tomorrow.

I Hope This Helps Someone

Back about 20 months ago I started college and just struggled with everything, classes, friends, girls… I quickly became depressed, angry at myself for not being about to do better in school, in addition to lack of friends due to poor social and communication skills.

This went on for months, until my 19th birthday. My parents sent me a cake, it was a great cake, but I remember having this large cake, and absolutely no one to share it with. I ended up throwing out the cake after having 1 piece, with about 90% of it leftover. That night I was so depressed that I decided to say f**k it and go outside to the freezing temperatures of the winter (as my birthday resident in that period) and run. Put my earphones in, went outside, and ran/walked about 2 miles at 11pm on my birthday.

When I got back inside I was content, I was proud of what I was able to do. The next night I did the same, I wasn’t quick or fit but you know what I went outside and did something. The running continued for about 2 months until I finally worked up the courage to go to the gym, where I started swimming again, as I used to in high school. A month went by and I started lifting weights and continually running.

Looking back I can see that exercise helped cure my depression but it didn’t only do that, at the gym I met new friends, back at my dorm I grew confidence to go to the end of the hall seeing people playing super smash brothers and ask if I could join. I asked a girl out.

So go forward to present now and I exercise everyday and look forward to that hour and a half I get daily to do what I love with people who love it as well.

I hope this helps someone who may be or have been in a similar situation.

Finding the hidden stories in your charity

Charity communications teams sometimes tell us their charities don’t have any stories to tell. At Michexpress Foundation, we like to play devil’s advocate by replying “yes you do”. If your organisation is fulfilling its mission and delivering on its objectives, then you will have stories, you just need to access them. Here are my tips for finding hidden stories.

Securing the story pipeline

Lots of organisations suffer from ‘the pipeline problem’. Often there are lots of stories but many organisations don’t have the systems and processes in place to get them from the frontline to external facing teams. By developing internal skills and understanding of the importance of storytelling, you can increase the flow of powerful stories to share with the outside world.

Plan your needs

Mapping out your story needs for the coming months or year can really help give other teams you’re working with notice for their own planning. There will always be breaking news or media requests to quickly respond to, but by being organised and planning ahead for big campaigns, you’ll secure good will across the board. Not all charities have storytelling requirements as complex as Children in Need but there are lots of lessons to be learned from the charity’s process.

Invest in relationships to build trust

A few years ago, Scope spent time investing in building relationships with its services teams through face-to-face meetings around the country. This meant the charity had plenty of material for its 100 stories in 100 days campaign in the lead up to the general election, and completed the project in just three years. This also means the charity now has a shared protocol for story gathering called the Story Principles and a team of staff who understand what’s needed for future campaigns.

The staff who know your charity’s work best are those who are delivering it. You may be in another building, city or country from where the impact of your charity’s work is felt so help staff on the frontline understand what makes a good story, how to capture quality photos and conduct interviews. You will start to see better quality story leads hitting your inbox. Earlier this year, we ran a training day for Marie Stopes International and within a few months the communications team were getting photography from the field good enough to use in reports.

Train yourself

Story gathering doesn’t need to be a huge drain on your budget. While some things require investment, like corporate photography or films for major events and campaigns, you can also develop your own skills so you have a ready supply of audio-visual content. Many of us are familiar with making short films on apps like Vine or Instagram, but did you know your smartphone can also shoot broadcast quality footage? The BBC uses smartphones and has useful guidance that’s freely available online. We recently provided Dogs for Good with a one day training course to teach the basics of sound, interviewing for film, shooting B-Roll and editing to help them gather more stories internally.

Regardless of whether your organisation is large or small, the main thing to remember is to not be intimidated by storytelling. With the right internal relationships and support and a few core skills you will see a marked improvement in stories you receive from the field in a very short amount of time.

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