Why I Do What I Do – Dela Michel

In 2013 I was working, as a personal assistant for an international motivational speaker. A job I loved though it was stressful and the salary not really what I expected.
Back then, money was not my goal but the opportunity to work with someone who was much respected across the world. It was more of an honour.
One day at work, I recieved a phone call from a prominent television station in Ghana seeking to host my boss on one of its shows. It was a show telling the lives of prominent personalities in our country. I informed my boss and we accepted the offer. The TV crew came over two weeks to start the shoot.
During the shoot we had to pay a visit to an orphanage home to tell how my boss gives back to the society. I was excited, particularly about visiting a shelter home. I had always wanted to visit one.
The Potters Village Shelter home was our choice. Upon arrival the children welcomed us with so much joy more especially for the fact that there was a white lady among us and a tv crew. It felt like heaven on earth for these children.

Whiles touring the home my heart began to sink with sorrow. The narration of how some of the children ended up at the home sent chills all over my body. All of a sudden a felt this burden from no where to do something for these children and for the home. It was pressing throughout our visit.
When our visit was over, I thought the burdenĀ  i felt within will also be over. Finally! I said to myself.
But no. This burden started increasing every day. It filled my thoughts, I saw it in my dreams. It became unbearable. But how can I do this I asked? I don’t have the resources, I dont know where to start from. Every time I will make a promise to myself to visit the home again but I never did. And this continued for three years.

I was scared I will fail at making the children happy. I felt limited without resources. I felt ashamed.
…to be continued.