While asking  myself questions and constantly doubting myself, I had an idea. Why don’t I ask my parents especially my dad. He can help I said to myself, but I hesitated because i feared they will not believe in me. I was just loosing this battle, I was loosing hope.

At this point, I took God personal. I will go before Him everyday, praying for money, wisdom, helpers infact any prayer topic to fulfill this desire was first on my prayer list.

In 2016 I embarked on a short trip and had some money. Immediately visiting the shelter home became a secondary thought.
Started thinking of the things to buy and hanging out friends. The usual thought after every trip. But this time around something changed.
I cannot tell when exactly but trust me it did. I started to think differently. Suddenly, I was more than determined  to DO THIS!  I was prepared to invest my into the project. It was a tough call. My personal needs were pressing but I had to fight to stick to my plan. Later on I called a few friends and shared my ideas with them. I asked them to come on board and take this project personal. I had a great support system also.

In March 2016 I announced  “Operation put a smile on my face.” Contacted a few friends of mine again and we started brainstorming.

We designed flyers, graphics and envelopes. We started distributing the  envelopes as soon as they were ready and then took to social media platforms inviting family and friends to contribute towards this project in their own special way.
We had a target. We also had lots of promises from folks. People we spoke to about the project will say ooh it is a good idea we will support. This gave me “vim”. But gradually I was loosing it. People who had received our envelopes never returned them. When we follow up it felt like we were pestering them.
Time was not on our side.

With our intial start up fund we went ahead to buy some few items. I wanted to buy more. At night i will sit on my bed and say, disgrace is coming oo. Chai! I will cry and be soo mad that people were hesitant to support a worthy course like this. Yes there were doubts about NGO operations in the country. But people come on!!  It is me Dela I heard myself say often. I will not spend your money! I was getting frustrated, I prayed desperately.

But things turned around when we thought all was lost. With just about two weeks to the event people started honouring their pledges. Money came in, items as well and even people wanted to join us on this trip.

Come and see me. Mehn I was happy thanking God. It is finally happening. And yes it did!! We went to the Potters Village Shelter home on the 23rd of April 2016, the smiles on the face of these children was simply priceless. We gave food items, clothings, detergents, we printed our own branded exercise books. We talked, laughed, sang and even danced with these children. Omo! my heart was filled with joy. I was more than satisfied.

After the trip, I was jubilating. Yaay!! My work is done. That is it! Finito! I am free!!!
But little did I know that I had just began a journey of making an impact in the lives of people especially these children. A journey of empowering them to know their worth. A journey to announce to them to see themselves as better people and be better people, to change their world as well as ours.