Thinking About Thinking

“Dream constantly of the best; work ceaselessly to perfect the real. Believe in yourself, believe in everybody and do your best under every circumstance trusting that every circumstance will give its best to you. Give to your body a substantial degree of added strength, acquire knowledge for the manifestation of brilliancy and give to your soul added inspiration. Desire eternally what you want; and act always as if every expectation were coming true. For as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”

Every thought has the tendency to produce desirable results, therefore positively refuse to think of what you do not wish to retain or experience.
Think only of what you desire and expect only what you desire even when the very contrary seems to be coming into your life. Make it a point to have definite results in mind at all times. Permit no thinking or desire to be aimless. Every aimless thought is time and energy wasted, while every thought that is inspired with a definite aim will help you realize that aim. If all your thoughts are inspired with a definite purpose, the whole power of your mind will be for you and will work for you. When things go wrong, people usually say “That’s always the way” and though this may seem to be a harmless expression, nonetheless the more one uses that expression, the more deeply we convince our minds that things naturally go wrong most of the time. We constantly looking out for the worst, expecting the
worst to happen.
Sadly, though we may seem cheerful on the surface, deep down in our heart we are always looking forward to trouble. But when things go wrong, do not expect the wrong to appear again. Look upon it as an exception, learn from it, call it past and forget it. Expect the best for you. Yes it might be difficult but say to yourself with all positivity that “I deserve the best!” Regularly train yourself to think of the bright side, to think there is always something right and your mind will concentrate upon the right and accordingly will create the best.
No matter how pitch black  the dark side may seem to be, we cannot afford to see anything but the bright side; no matter how small or insignificant the bright side may be. Continue to focus on the bright side alone. Be optimistic by
not expecting the best to happen but work to make the best happen. Mentally see yourself gaining the best that life has to give and you will meet more and more of the best.

Remember, once you begin to feel discouraged, it is so easy to feel more discouraged. It is therefore necessary to stop all detrimental feelings in the beginning. Do not permit a single adverse feeling to continue for a second.
Change the mind at once by turning your attention upon something that will make you feel better. Persist in feeling joyous, persist in feeling optimistic and strong.
Place yourself on the bright side and on the strong side of everything that transpires in your life and you will constantly gain power. The power that will invariably be in your favor!