Mich Express Foundation ; An NGO Committed To Transforming Lives even at the expense of nothing

“A life well lived is measured by the many lives that we are able to positively impact” At least that is what some school of thought say. To some it might sound like a cliché but to those who believe in the importance of helping others it’s a dogma to live by.

Founded on the 23rd of April,2016 by Miss Dela Michel, MichExpress Foundation is a non-governmental organization that seeks to transform lives of many especially the less privileged in our society and even beyond.

In 2016, the foundation embarked on their first project at Potters Village Shelter in Dodowa and also to Save them Young Orphanage home in Ashiaman all suburbs of Accra.

In their commitment to transforming lives and impacting communities, they organised a Free Health Screening for the people of Ajumanko Mando a community in the central region of Ghana, where over 300 aged were screened and served with free medications. This year they are looking forward to serving over 500 people with free medications as they plan for their annual Free Medical project in August 2018 and also refurbishing a library for children of Mando community.

As part of their project lined up for this year they will pay a visit to the bostal home and organise a health talk with some head potters known in the local dialect as “Kayayo.”

What is more fascinating about MichExpress  Foundation is that, with no help or sponsorship whatsoever, they single handedly fund all their projects from their own pockets with the little they make which heavily limits their capabilities in terms of extending alms to the needy.

“Our mission is to anticipate the needs of our communities and provide effective solutions and to transform our youth through impact and empowerment” as the founder correctly puts it.

The foundation since its inception has helped reached out to the less privileged in our communities and has also help bring lasting solution to some basic necessities of our communities.

With a bevy of young compassionate men and women who for lack of a better description could be termed as the “Sheroes and Heros of our time”, have taken upon themselves to serve a worthy cause by putting smiles on the face of hundreds.

It is satisfying and fulfilling when we speak of  standing up for others, that is exactly what MichExpress Foundation is known for.

The Foundation will forever continue to touch and impact lives. They are currently sponsoring the education of some children and are looking forward to launching their educational scholarship to help many others get access to quality education and also to realise their dreams.

At MichExpress Foundation,” our mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive and also to do so with some passion, some compassion,some humour and some style”.

You can join MichExpress Foundation make a difference today. Follow @MichExpressFDN on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also log unto www.michexpressfoundation.org and find out more.

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By: Adnan Osman

Ornela Tchinjo Shares The L.O.V.E Attitude In Leadership

On April 15th MichExpress Foundation held a team building session as part of activities lined up for the month of Good Leadership.
Resource person Ornela Tchinjo shared with the team the L.O.V.E attitude in leadership. Members were taken through a series of exercises to make the session more practical. After the session some members shared their opinion about the session. All in all it was a training worth undertaking.